Walton Funeral Home is a family owned, independently operated full service funeral establishment proud of its 50 year tradition of care and service.  Founded in 1967 by the late Joseph “Sonny” Walton, we are among the oldest firms in the region.  The longevity of our firm is in large part due to our belief that kindness transcends all.  We offer traditional burial plans, specialized cremation services, shipping services and most importantly a compassionate touch when needed most.   We are located in southern Virginia Beach yet our ability to serve extends throughout the region. 

At Walton, we’ve experienced loss and understand the challenges involved in planning a final farewell for a cherished loved-one.  We offer a wide range of merchandise, an experienced staff and several of memorial options. 

Whether you’ve experienced an immediate loss, have an impending loss, or are wisely planning for the future, let us help.  We're large enough to serve yet small enough to meet the individual needs of each family entrusted to us.